Mutualink has developed a new data gateway to enable US and allied soldiers with disparate communication networks and messaging formats to securely exchange arbitrary data in real time.

The technology provides soldiers with increased operational speed and agility to selectively exchange critical data within joint, coalition and other government agency partner environments, while boosting situational awareness among forces and reducing friendly-fire incidents.

"The Mutualink data gateway is a powerful new capability for dismounted soldiers and field forces."

Specifically, the technology is capable of bi-directionally exchanging messages between the Nato Standard Agreement (STANAG) 4677 joint dismounted-soldier system (JDSS) XML format and the joint variable-message format (JVMF), among others.

In addition, the Mutualink data gateway provides selective and secure sharing of transmission control protocol (TCP) connections and user datagram protocol (UDP) messages across an established network.

Mutualink senior vice-president Joe Mazzarella said: "The Mutualink data gateway is a powerful new capability for dismounted soldiers and field forces, because they will now be able to connect and share tactical information on a real-time, dynamic and secure basis.

"We are receiving incredible levels of interest among US and Nato parties, because it fills a highly needed and critical capability."

The technology complements Mutualink’s real-time interoperable communications and multimedia sharing solution, which enables secure bridging and the exchange of disparate communications and intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) among components and partners.

Successfully tested in conjunction with cross-domain solutions, such as the tactical cross-domain solutions (TACDs), the gateway is expected to be further tested by the US Marine Corps and coalition partners during the 2014 joint-users interoperability communications exercise (JUICE), which is taking place this month at the Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) in Maryland, US.

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