General Dynamics (GD) Ordnance and Tactical Systems has received modification contracts from the US Army Sustainment Command and an international customer for the development of the 20mm PGU target practice ammunition.

Under the new contracts, the company will produce and deliver the 20mm PGU-27A/B training practice (TP), the PGU-30A/B training practice with tracer (TP-T) and the PGU-28A/B semi-armour-piercing high explosive incendiary tactical round.

The PGU ammunitions were initially developed as a replacement for the navy’s M50 ammunition series and are used to support close air-to-ground support operations.

The ammunition is also used for training purposes by the US Air Force (USAF) F-15 and F-16 aircraft, the US Navy’s F-18 fighters, and the US Marine Corps’ Cobra AH-1 helicopter.

Work under the contract will be performed at the company’s manufacturing facility in Illinois, US.