Alexium International Group has been selected by the US Department of Defence (DoD) to finalise the development of durable, environmentally friendly, fire-retardant (FR) treatments for US Army uniforms.

Through a prime contractor, the DoD will fund the final development stages of new Alexiflam-treated, 50/50 nylon cotton (NyCo) FR fabric.

"This formal selection puts Alexium in the position of being a sub-contractor in a major military programme."

Developed as part of Natick’s Green Initiative, the next-generation FR, durable, halogen-free, 50/50 NyCo uniforms will replace expensive FR fabrics to serve as the foundation for US military garments.

Once development is completed, the Alexiflam FR uniforms will be worn by soldiers in military trials to verify comfort and performance.

With Alexium as FR sub-contractor to the DoD’s prime contractor, the product is expected to be implemented in the first half of 2016.

In May, Alexium was also selected by the US Army Natick Soldier Systems Center to advance to the second development stage of non-inherent FR 50/50 NyCo fabric uniforms.

Alexium president Dirk Van Hyning said: "This formal selection, coupled with our Pyroman and recent 100-wash durability results, puts Alexium in the position of being a sub-contractor in a major military programme and a second account in the military arena."

Alexium has passed the Pyroman test at North Carolina State University for Alexiflam-treated military uniforms.

Under the test, Alexiflam-treated fabrics performed up to NFPA 2112 standards, one of the most difficult FR standards to attain.

Alexium chairman Gavin Rezos said: "Our CEO Nick Clark and his dedicated Alexium team, and in particular the R&D department, have worked tirelessly to ensure that we have a 50/50 FR Nyco product that exceeds all military expectations."