A NATO exercise to simulate terror attacks, to be known as Phoenix-2010, will be held in Bulgaria in November 2010 at the National Centre for Modelling and Simulation ‘Charalitsa’ near Sofia.

The exercise is intended to train civil and military organisations from different countries to develop a coordinated emergency response to a collection of disaster events.

Discussions are underway between Bulgaria, the Nato Industrial Advisory Group, and the Nato Research and Technology Organisation over the Phoenix-2010 scenario and which technical tools are to be used in the exercise.

The scenario will include terrorist attacks, and epidemic and natural disasters such as flooding, according to experts.

Technologies that are likely to be involved in the exercise include the joint exercise management module (JEMM) and joint conflict and tactical simulation (JCATS) implemented by Nato.

The Joint Training Simulation and Analysis Centre will support the scenario development, assessment and human factor analysis.

The Bulgarian National Centre for Modelling and Simulation carried out many computer-assisted exercises, which included the largest SEESIM 08 organised under the south-eastern Europe simulation project.