A research group including industry partners and academics has been unveiled by Northrop Grumman to tackle growing cyber threats to US computer networks and to networked infrastructure.

The Carnegie Mellon University’s Cylab, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Purdue University will join Northrop to form the Cybersecurity Research Consortium for the development of solutions to the nation’s most critical cyber threats.

Under the research initiative, the consortium will sponsor 10 projects which include attribution in cyberspace, supply chain risk and securing critical infrastructure networks.

Northrop Grumman Information Systems chief technology officer Robert Brammer said the company would invest an ‘unspecified number of millions of dollars a year’ to fund graduate fellowships and other research for at least five years and probably much longer.

“Northrop will deal on a case-by-case basis with each research institute on splitting jointly developed intellectual property,” Brammer said.

The consortium members will coordinate research projects, share information, develop curricula and author case studies to put hardware and software solutions into practice.

Lockheed Martin and Boeing have also formed cyber security technology alliances with the involvement of universities, industry partners and leading technology providers.