The Indian Army says it is ready to test its nuclear-capable Agni II intermediate-range ballistic missile from Wheelers Island off the Orissa coast tonight, India time.

Agni II is the first Indian defence missile to undergo user trials at night.

The night trial aims to provide on-field experience to the armed forces in the different conditions while providing a platform to measure accuracy at night.

Developed by India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation Agni-II is a surface-to-surface intermediate-range ballistic missile that can neutralise a target at over 2,000km and carry a payload of about 1,000kg.

The range of the missile can be increased to 3,000km depending on the payload.

The ready-to-fire missile is designed to be launched from a rail-mobile launcher and also through road-mobile configuration, with a launch time of about 15 minutes, a defence scientist said.

Agni-II was originally scheduled to execute the test trial in the first week November, but was postponed because of some technical obstacles in the pneumatic system of the missile.

Agni II will be used by 555 Missile Group of the army.