The Chilean Army has received the InterSystems TrakCare connected health information system, which makes clinical files for soldiers constantly available.

The system generates a unique electronic clinical file whenever a patient receives attention at any of the centres in the army network.

The information carried by the file can then be retrieved at the Santiago Military Hospital in Chile and at all other army primary care centres.

The integrated health network allows the Chilean Army to standardise and share medical data among health professionals, manage preventive medicine and health-planning programmes thereby enhancing the quality of care.

The electronic clinical file records information such as the results of examinations, procedures and episodes of care, and administered medicines. It also minimises processes like distribution and usage of medicines, increases security and the reduces duplicate exams.

InterSystems TrakCare is a web-based solution with two modules including the clinical information system (CIS) and the administration, accounting and financial management of the hospital.

The CIS module collects all the health information that supports the management of the electronic clinical file, the outpatient and inpatient episodes, as well as operating theatre and bed management while the second will be responsible for medical administration.