Bundeswehr, the German Federal Ministry of Defence, has awarded a €35m contract for 311 lightweight multipurpose guided missile systems (MELLS) to EuroSpike GmbH for its new Puma infantry vehicle.

On request from the German Army, the budget committee of the German Parliament sanctioned the incorporation of MELLS in the pre-production of €68m Puma infantry fighting vehicle developed by PSM Projekt System Management.

The contract also features an option to procure an additional 1,160 MELLS guided missiles for €120m in the future.

The missile can operate in all weather conditions with dual-mode seeker up to a range of 4,000m. It can be carried by both infantry and light combat vehicles, and can engage armoured trucks and helicopters.

The target can also be changed mid-flight due to the fibre-optic link between the gunner and the missile.

SPIKE LR guided missile system is marketed by EuroSpike GmbH in Europe and is jointly owned by Diehl BGT Defence (40%), Rheinmetall AG of Düsseldorf (40%) and the Israeli company Rafael (20%).