Raytheon Company and Boeing have been awarded a contract by the US Army to develop a single missile solution for rotary, fixed-wing and unmanned aircraft in a deal worth $125m.

The contract requires the joint air-to-ground missile programme to develop and fire three prototype missiles with fully integrated tri-mode seekers.

This programme will take place over 27 months and will be fully funded by the US Army over this time.

The contract also requires the companies to develop a single missile solution for rotary and fixed-wing platforms and unmanned aircraft capable of targeting both moving and stationary targets at extended ranges in all weather conditions.

A spokesperson for Raytheon said “the goal of the Raytheon-Boeing JAGM team is to deliver an affordable, reliable and complete system solution that can be integrated into the programme’s six required aircraft.”

The JAGM project for which Raytheon is the prime contractor is expected to be available for service in 2016.

By Daniel Garrun.