Atk has been awarded a contract by Turkey’s Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation (MKEK) for 25mm tactical and training ammunition components to support indigenous production capabilities in Turkey.

The two-year $16.2m contract, awarded on behalf of the Turkish Ministry of Defence, is part of a ten-year contract extension signed between the companies in December 2010.

The 25mm tactical and training ammunition provides the warfighter with superior lethality and fire suppression capabilities for engaging both light armour and personnel targets at extended ranges.

The ammunition components include the M792 high-xplosive incendiary with tracer (HEI-T), M793 target practice with tracer (TP-T) and M791 armour-piercing discarding sabot with tracer (APDS-T).

ATK has received more than $40m in orders from MKEK to date for training, equipment, technology transfers and 25mm components.

Deliveries to MKEK are scheduled to begin in 2012.