The US Army is prepared for the next major network integration evaluation (NIE) field exercises designed to rapidly advance its tactical network.

The second NIE 12.1 will be conducted between October and November this year with participation from 3,800 soldiers of the 2nd Brigade, 1st Armoured Division and nearly 1,000 vehicles.

During the next series, the US Army will test the maturing tactical network under realistic mission conditions to determine performance, while introducing emerging technologies for the first time.

The second exercise is part of the four events that will lead to a fully integrated brigade combat team network evaluation by the end of 2012.

The exercises will see participation of WIN-T increment 2 to provide on-the-move network communications and industries to propose technological solutions to meet any gaps that are exposed.

The initial operational test and evaluation of the Rifleman radio, part of the JTRS handheld, manpack, small-form fit or HMS programme, will also be tested and evaluated during the exercises.

The twice-a-year NIE approach helps the army streamline the evaluation and feedback process for faster fielding and improved end products.