The Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) will conduct a week-long Turning Point 5 defence drill to test the response capabilities to possible missile attacks from Lebanon, Syria, Gaza and Iran.

The exercise, scheduled to begin on 19 June 2011, will see participation from the IDF Home Front Command, the Defence Ministry’s National Emergency Administration, the Israel Police and other emergency services.

The drills will, for the first time, include missile warnings sent to the public through cellular phones and also includes a series of simulations to test the services response in providing basic services to residents during wartime.

A senior home front command officer said, “The concept is that the public will know that a missile is on its way from the siren and will receive more information about the type of missile on their cellular phones.”

IDF has also plans to focus the Turning Point 6 2012 drills to prepare civilians and emergency services for earthquakes, according to the Jerusalem Post.