Ness Technologies of the US has signed a contract with a foreign ministry of defence (MoD) to provide a training and simulation system to the country’s national command and control centre.

The $16m contract solution will be based on Ness’s integrated command and control system (ICCS), which was implemented in May 2008.

ICCS is a comprehensive command and control system that enables quick and accurate transmission of mission orders, reports and data, as well as location reports of the forces through secured communication networks in real time.

The system also monitors the execution of mission orders issued by military headquarters to various units.

The national command and control centre provides the MoD and the defence forces with a real-time integrated situation and operational picture for optimal decision making and operational planning, in peacetime as well as in crisis.

The new trainer will train high-ranking military officers using real-world scenarios to enhance the performance and decision-making process of the officers.