T-Kalip designs, develops and manufactures reliable and cost-effective seating solutions for the defence industry.

The company specialises in the supply of AEP-55 standard combat-proven mine blast attenuating seating systems for defence vehicles, as well as crashworthy seats for military helicopters. Solutions available include 4×4 vehicle seats, 6×6 vehicle seats, and 8×8 vehicle seats.

T-Kalip’s seats have been used in a wide range of defence platforms and have helped to save lives on the battlefield since 2010.

Advanced seating systems for military applications

T-Kalip’s T-MAK seating systems offer optimal protection against tank mines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

Shockwaves from a landmine explosion can cause military vehicles to move upwards with very high acceleration. This has the potential to cause serious injuries or fatalities if the protection offered by the seats is insufficient to attenuate the impact.

T-Kalip’s T-MAK seats feature an energy-absorbing system, which reduces the transferred shock from the blast and minimises the risk of personal injury.

Blastproof military vehicle seats for enhanced soldier protection

T-MAK seating systems are designed for fitted with unique stroking attenuating filters that absorb around 90% of the shock transmitted to the seat-mounting regions.

The impact of shockwaves can vary on the type of vehicle and the nature of the explosion. This means that the shock transferred to the seats can differ in duration and severity depending on these factors.

T-Kalip’s blast filters provide enhanced protection to soldiers against all types of impact, making T-MAK seats the ideal choice for a wide range of military applications.

Adaptable military seating solutions for modular configuration

T-MAK anti-mine seats feature a modular structure, which enables them to be easily configured. Seats can be adapted to accommodate a driver, commander, gunner or general crew member.

With various sub models, T-MAK seats can be adapted to fit into any vehicle and space-limited locations.

Customisable seating solutions for defence applications

T-MAK seating solutions offer extensive customisation options, including:

  • Multiple cushion geometries
  • Foldable backrest
  • Foldable footrest
  • Foldable seat pan
  • Foldable and adjustable armrest
  • Removable/adjustable headrest

Multiple floor mounting configurations are also available:

  • Height adjustment on the floor mounting (70mm standard)
  • Fore-Aft adjustment on the floor mounting (70mm standard)
  • Rotary adjustment on the floor mounting (360°)
  • Inclination adjustment on the floor mounting (5-10-15° adjustable inclination)
  • Tilt-Back feature on the floor mounting (90° tilt-back)

T-MAK seats can also be supplied with forward-facing side wall mounting:

  • Height adjustment on the side mounting (70mm standard)
  • Fore-Aft adjustment on the side mounting (70mm standard)
  • Back foldable backrest (90° lay-back)

Various types of fire-retardant and water-repellent upholstery are also available on request.

Anti-blast protection armoured seats for military vehicles

T-MAK anti-blast seats have been specially designed for blast attenuation and are highly effective at reducing the impact of explosions on personnel.

The seats offer optimal blast protection without the need to prepare or adjust the equipment according to crew weight. They require no maintenance and feature a compact design to help save crucial cabin space in military vehicles and helicopters.

T-MAK anti-explosion seats are certified to military standard MIL-STD-1472G and offer STANAG 4569 blast attenuation protection levels.

About T-Kalip

T-Kalip is a trusted and highly experienced manufacturer of military seating solutions. The company operates from a state-of-the-art facility in Ankara, Turkey and has a team of 100 skilled professionals.

T-Kalip has high-volume manufacturing capabilities and can produce 6,000-8,000 military seats per year. The company ensures high standards and exceptional product quality are maintained with inspection capabilities in metrology, material analysis, hardness testing, coating testing, roughness testing and more.