Varta armoured personnel carrier (APC) was developed by Ukrainian Armor. Image courtesy of Ukrainian Armor.
The vehicle has an overall length of 7.28m. Image courtesy of Ukrainian Armor.
The maximum speed of the Varta APC is 120km/h. Image courtesy of Ukrainian Armor.

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Varta is an armoured personnel carrier (APC) designed and developed by defence vehicle manufacturing company Ukrainian Armor in collaboration with Science Technology.

The vehicle is used by armed forces for the rapid deployment of troops in the battlefield. It can also be deployed as a command-post vehicle and for the evacuation of troops and casualties.

The armed forces of Ukraine received the Varta APCs in December 2018.

Ukrainian Armor displayed the Varta APC during the International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX) in Abu Dhabi, UAE, in February 2019. It was presented along with the new Novator rapid intervention vehicle (RIV) during the exhibition.

The APC participated in the comparative testing of new and upgraded models of automotive and armoured vehicles conducted by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in December 2019. The objective was to identify the best of advanced armoured vehicles for acquisition by the Ukrainian armed forces.

The mine resistant ambush-protected (MRAP) Varta APC fitted with the FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank missile took part in the military parade on the occasion of Ukraine’s 30th Independence Day in August 2021.

Science Technology is responsible to support the manufacturer to promote the vehicle in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

Varta APC design and features

Varta APC is based on a 4×4 dual-axle truck with a specialised chassis. The all-terrain chassis integrates a four-wheel drive configuration and V-shaped armoured hull made of 560 steel grade.

The vehicle is manned by a crew of two members and offers seating capacity for up to eight dismounted troops in the troop section at the rear.

Either side of the hull is fitted with five windows and two doors. Entry and exit of troops is facilitated by a large door at the rear. The door mechanism supplied by TriMark enables the power-locking of heavy-duty doors weighing up to 300kg.

The vehicle measures 8m-long, 2.6m-wide and 3.6m-high. It has a larger wheelbase of 3.95m and offers a ground clearance of 330mm.

Varta APC’s gross vehicle weight (GVW) is 17,500kg, while its maximum payload capacity is 3,000kg and fuel carrying capacity is 350l.

The vehicle comes fitted with standard equipment such as front and rear cameras, navigation systems, power inverter, fire extinguishing and filtration systems, and air conditioning, heating, and ventilation systems.

Armament and self-protection

Varta APC features a gunner’s station on the roof, which can be armed with a range of ammunition including 7.62mm PK machine gun or 12.7mm NSV heavy machine gun. It can also be installed with an enclosed turret mounted with 14.5mm or 7.62mm dual machine gun systems.

The vehicle also has ten gun ports with a provision to install rifle grenade launch systems, powder gases ventilation systems, and smoke grenade launching systems.

Varta armoured vehicle offers STANAG 4569 level two protection and can withstand the impact of 7.62mm gun fire and 6kg TNT mine blasts.

The vehicle features anti-mine seats that absorb abrupt shocks encountered in the event of a mine explosion.

Engine and performance of Varta APC

The armoured vehicle is powered by a six-cylinder, V6 turbocharged diesel engine, which offers a maximum power output of 300hp and a maximum torque of 1,128Nm.

It can operate on multiple fuel types, according to the availability, during combat situations. Auxiliary power requirements of the vehicle are served by a 24V electrical system.

The engine is coupled to an eight-speed manual transmission system and ensures uncompromised mobility when travelling on rough terrains and in harsh environmental conditions.

Varta can be fitted with 14.00R20 or 16R20 tires integrated with on-board central tire inflation system (CTIS).

The APC offers a maximum speed of 100km/h on road and can attain a range of 600km. It has the capability to ford water bodies with a depth of 1m and can negotiate grades and side slopes of 60% and 45%, respectively.