Company profile

Phantom Technologies Ltd founded in 1996.

The company Specializes in Development & Manufacture of Advanced Jamming Solutions.

Our wide range of Security Solutions include: Cellular Jammers, Convoy Jammers, Tactical Jammers, Prison Jammers, and Communication & Intelligence. Etc.

Our clients are from all over the world, Local Authorities Government Officials, Military, Special Forces, Police, Prisons, and High Profile Individuals. Etc.

Eagle 108 – Drone Jammer
Prison Jammers
Manpack Jammer
EW1600 – Military Tactical SATCOM Jammer
Convoy Jammers

Phantom Technologies’ Excellent Team of R&D Engineers uses the most Advanced Components available to Custom-Design the Jammers per client’s request.

Our Primary Objective is to meet our client’s needs, as well as exceed their expectations. Customer Satisfaction is of Utmost Importance.

Phantom Technologies Ltd provides Exceptional Service and Support for all The Security Solutions it develops & manufactures.

We accompany our clients from The Initial Stage of the process, taking into consideration their Special needs and requests.

Tactical Jammers

Tactical Jammers enable you to secure any area, for various needs.

For example:

Eagle 108 – Drone Jammer

The System is designed for Detection, Jamming & Neutralization of Drones/ Quadcopters from entering facilities of High Strategic Importance, as well as “Sensitive” areas such as: Oil Rigs, Embassies, Conventions, and Prisons. Etc.

The Detection Range is up to 1 km, and the Jamming Range is up to 2 km. The System Blocks the Drone’s / Quadcopter’s Navigation capability, as well as its Communication of Data, Control, Image and Video with its Operator.

Manpack Jammer – MP806

Portable Jammer for Special Forces, designed to Neutralize IED’s triggered by HF-WHF Communication, Cellular, WiFi and essentially all relevant RF. The System is user friendly, efficient, practical and easy to operate.

EW1600 Military Tactical SATCOM Jammer

Designed to Jam GNSS Signals in very High Output power. Modularity of the System enables a Jamming Range of over 100km.
Intended for Military, Police and Government usage.

Intel & Communication

SCJ1800 – IMSI 400

Designed for Selective Jamming within Compounds. The System “captures” the Cell Phones by Mimicking a legitimate Cell Network and by whom authorized to Select.

The System “locks” all Phones within the Compound, and releases only the Authorized ones. There’s an option to control Incoming Calls / Messages. Relevant for Prisons, Classified locations, Rigs. Etc.

Prison Jammers

An Advanced Solution to the problem of Cell Phone use within Prison Compounds. It is an Active & Selective Block of Cell Phones, with a “White List” feature.

The Selective Jamming separates between Permitted Phones and Non-Permitted. It achieves significant advantage in the fight against unauthorized Cellular traffic in Prisons.

Convoy Jammers

The System provides Counter Solution for all relevant RCIED Threats operated by Terrorists / Hostile Organizations. The System takes into consideration: Range, size of System, type of Vehicle, number of relevant Channels.

The System is fully controlled from the Driver’s side and has an Active / Responsive Jamming capabilities. It has an option of Open Communication Window.

For the full list of above mentioned Security Solutions as well as many others please visit our website www.phantom.co.il