netcon int. Defense & Explosives is a dedicated provider of integral global logistics and forwarding solutions, specializing in explosives, dangerous goods, as well as strategic- and permit-related goods and projects.

Located in the heart of Central Europe and close to the major European seaports and airports, netcon int. provides a unique and valuable structure along with First Class Transport Solutions to a wide range of namable European and international customers.

  • Defense & Law Enforcement (Armaments manufacturer, governmental bodies (civil, military), raw materials/components and propellant suppliers, and further.)
  • Aerospace (Civil and governmental)
  • Mining & Blasting (Equipment, blasting agents, etc.)
  • Automotive (Airbags, safety systems, raw materials/propellant, etc.) Fireworks and pyrotechnical products (fireworks F1-F4, distress signals, stock farming, etc.)
  • Sports / Hunting (weapons, essential parts of weapons, ammunition, equipment)

We are not at the source. We are the source.

Next to the general airfreight and ocean freight based forwarding solutions by liner and charter, netcon int. delivers more, and provides its customers with a structure that can’t be found twice in Europe:

  • Capacities (trucks, storage, staff etc.)
  • Strategic location
  • Authorizations and permissions
  • Expertise and experience
  • Structural setup
  • Service and professionalism

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To receive more detailed information about these single points, please refer to the White Papers and Product & Services here on Army Technology and convince yourself.

One source – all covered

Based on significant legal differences and requirements in logistics procedures and products classifications all across the single European states, we roughly divide our our competences into the following product sections:

  • War Weapon Material – solely military end use (Ammunition of specific calibers, full automatic weapons, weapon systems, specific vehicles, tanks, components)
  • Civil Defense Materials – could be military and civil end use (Small- and medium-caliber ammunition, small arms, semi-automatic weapons, equipment, etc.)
  • Special Equipment – so called banned items as per German Weapons Act (Night visions, tracer ammo, flashbangs, smoke grenades, air rifles from 7,5 joule, target laser, law enforcement equipment, etc.)
  • Explosives and pyrotechnical products (blasting agents, propellant, F3/F4 fireworks, pyrotechnical products, etc.)
  • Dangerous goods classes 2-6, 8, 9 (chemicals, lithium batteries, organic peroxides, etc.)
  • Hazardous Waste Materials (goods for demilitarization, non-licensed pyrotechnics, etc.)

Starting from the smallest inner German or inner European road-transport, local pre-carriage and on-carriage solutions to and from the European air- and seaports, up to integral global supply-chains and projects – netcon int. carries, stores, distributes, loads and secures, customs clears, escorts, applies, consults, and delivers.

We gladly invite you to take a look into our netcon int. company video, to visit our exploratory homepage or to contact us directly for a personal or online-meeting.