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Innovation drive – how new engine technology is transforming military vehicles

Innovation in armoured vehicles is taking place under the bonnet as much as elsewhere, exploring power options such as hybrid electric engines and hydrogen fuel cells. Automotive engineers from the defence industry and civilian manufacturers are finding that quiet new engine designs promise additional military benefits beyond breakthroughs in fuel consumption, range and reliability.

Contenders vie for Australia’s LAND 400 armoured vehicle programme

The Australian government is close to making a decision on its ambitious LAND 400 project which aims to replace much of the Land Force’s existing armoured vehicle fleet. With resulting contracts worth as much as AUD10 billion, it is the Australian Army’s most expensive and most complex equipment acquisition programme to date.

Video feature: Aeros demonstrates VERTICAL cargo blimp for US military

Aeros has completed construction of a prototype cargo airship for the US military that could deliver heavy loads to regions inaccessible by traditional winged logistics aircraft. As the Aeroscraft begins a series of tests, Berenice Baker investigates its design and capabilities.

From NACHOS to WOMBAT – the military’s strangest acronyms

From NACHOS to WOMBAT and ASRAAM to MANPADS military acronyms are frequently awkward and often unintentionally hilarious. With the festive season upon us, Berenice Baker reviews the ones that tickle us at the most.

UAV evolution – how natural selection directed the drone revolution

The modern military unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that offer an invaluable contribution to battlefield surveillance and combat owe much to lessons learned from their predecessors, whether successful or otherwise. Berenice Baker examines how current autonomous and remotely piloted aircraft have evolved from their predecessors and what has been learned from those that did not make the grade.

Front line to bread line: what the US election result means for jobless veterans

Having successfully captured a healthy proportion of the traditionally Republican military vote, Barack Obama must deliver on his promises to help veterans find jobs, or risk losing support as defence cuts see more former service personnel enter civilian life. Berenice Baker explores what the US election results could mean for former service personnel seeking employment.

Comrades and rotor blades: how EDA exercises bond across borders

The European Defence Agency (EDA) is founded on the principle of pooling resources and knowledge. Berenice Baker attends the agency’s Green Blade multinational helicopter exercise and finds its greatest benefit could extend beyond just conflict-ready interoperability, to establishing mutual trust and comradeship between participants.

Cyber security – US election embraces the Cinderella issue

Cyber security is, for the first time, high on the agenda of election issues being addressed by the US presidential candidates. Berenice Baker examines the difference between the approaches Barack Obama and Mitt Romney intend to take, and what each means for the safety of data and infrastructure in America and the rest of the Western world.

Testing times – how Millbrook Proving Ground transformed military vehicle trials

The rolling terrain of Millbrook Proving Ground is known for challenging armoured vehicles during the DVD show. Berenice Baker talks to Julian Bryan, Millbrook’s head of military strategies, about the unique capabilities the facility offers for putting combat transport through its paces.

Striking a chord with integrated soldier system controls

Controlling multiple soldier-mounted electronics systems could be as easy as strumming chords on a guitar-playing game. Berenice Baker investigates gun-mounted technology that could enable dismounted soldiers to operate all the systems they carry with one hand, without moving them from their weapons.