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Gichner Systems Group, a Kratos company, is the industry leader in the design, engineering, manufacturing, integration, modification, testing, repair and reset of tactical shelters, modular containers, custom enclosures and specialised truck bodies.

Gichner has more than 45 years of experience in providing mission critical products and services to every branch of the United States Armed Forces and its Allies, leading defense prime contractors and various commercial markets.

The turn-key shelter and containerised systems protect military personnel, electronics and other cargo during transport and operation in some of the world's most challenging environments.

With manufacturing facilities in Dallastown and York, PA; and Charleston and Walterboro, SC, Gichner (ISO 9001:2008) has more than 300 employees and 800,000 square feet of dedicated space available to meet the needs of its customers. The company's flexible fabrication areas are uniquely suited to provide custom product solutions for both full-rate production quantities and single prototype unit needs.

Whether the mission requires rugged mobility for command and control operations, rapid deployment of military assets, rigid platform and prime mover requirements or custom logistical shelters, Gichner Systems Group can provide a dependable, field-proven solution.

Systems integration and shelter modification

Gichner specialises in engineering and manufacturing shelter systems with high levels of integration including: power distribution, environmental control units, generator systems, EMI and HEMP shielding, chemical / biological protection, work surfaces, cabinets, lighting and racks.

The company has delivered turn-key shelter systems designed for a diverse range of mission specific applications including UAV ground control stations, communications shelters, housing and storage units, command and control centres, maintenance shops and radar operations control shelters.

Service and maintenance

Gichner's dedicated 137,000ft² service and maintenance facility provides rapid turnaround of refurbished and repaired shelters. From simple repairs to full system overhauls, Gichner is experienced in restoring any shelter to a 'like new' condition.

Charleston Marine Containers, Inc. (CMCI)

Gichner's CMCI facility in Charleston, SC, specialises in the production and integration of intermodal, modular and specialty container systems designed for the US Armed Forces and commercial customers nationwide.

The all-steel construction, available equipment integration options and innovative functionality make these CMCI containers the ideal solution to logistical shipping / storage needs: standard and modified 20in and 40in ISO containers, Bicons, Tricons, Quadcons, expandable containers, refrigeration and other custom units.

CMCI's nine acre Walterboro facility focuses on steel container modification, rapid prototyping and integration. This location enables Gichner to provide quick reaction support for unique containerised system needs including: training facilities, data centres, maintenance shops, disaster relief housing and operations and logistical modules.

Tactical shelter products

Since 1969, Gichner's core product has been lightweight, tactical military shelters constructed with bonded, foam and beam or honeycomb core aluminum panels. The company now offers high levels of integration and customization, and manufactures a diverse product line including HMMWV, FMTV and trailer mounted shelters (S-788 LMS, S-280C/G, GSS-1497B, S-250, S-710), trailer systems, 20in ISO mobile facilities, lightweight expandable units, composite shelters and specialty enclosures.

Recently developed products include 9-high stackable aluminum shelters, helicopter slingable containers, modular generator systems and sensitive electronic equipment facilities.

LMT (lightweight medium tactical rigid wall ISO military shelter)

  • Family of 20' ISO shelters offered in seven basic modular configurations
  • Non-expandable configurations include personnel door endwall, double cargo door endwall, recessed endwall, side removable and PLS compliant variants
  • Expandable configurations include assisted side pullout and manual side fold-out in both single and double side expandable variants
  • Lightweight aluminum - composite core bonded panel construction
  • Designed for MILAIR and CSC intermodal transportable compliance
  • Standard features include 100Amp shore power entry, power distribution with overhead LED lighting and duplex outlets and externally stowed levelling jacks

FHT (fifth-wheel high mobility tactical trailer)

  • Designed for high mobility applications requiring higher payloads
  • Low weight aluminum honeycomb panel shelter construction
  • Minimum payload capacity of 3,300 lbs.
  • Trailer equipped with air-ride suspension and hydraulic braking
  • Optional attenuation of 60 dB more than 150Khz to 10Ghz for electric and magnetic fields
  • Ideal for housing mobile communications, electronics and maintenance shops
  • Customised integration available.

Mobile Facilities

  • Gichner has produced more than 7,000 CSC certified, 20in ISO Mobile Facilities
  • Using end doors and removable side panels, the shelters can be joined together to form larger complexes providing increased interior space
  • Seven standard configurations are able to be customised and integrated to meet specific mission requirements
  • Constructed with aluminum skins over a core of rigid, closed-cell foam
  • Steel end bands and base frame create a strong and rigid overall structure
  • Available life-cycle support including refurbishment, reset and repair of damaged shelters

Army Standard Family (ASF) Shelters

  • Three variants: non-expandable, one-side and two-side expandable
  • Standard ISO dimensions (8in x 8in x 20in) during transportation
  • Expandable variants allow for increased interior capacity during deployment
  • Lightweight construction (aluminum-faced, honeycomb-core panels)
  • High payload capacity and impressive strength-to-weight ratio
  • Utilised as maintenance facilities, command and communications centres or medical clinics

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Gichner Systems Group
490 East Locust Street
Dallastown, PA 17313
United States of America
+1 877 520 1773
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