When engineers at NASA are constructing the latest and greatest in exploratory space craft, they need parts that last and can be trusted to work well under pressure. Components that aren’t affected by extreme temperatures and conditions.

At VPT, we specialise in creating high-quality and reliable power conversion solutions for the most demanding environments imaginable, according to the highest industry standards. We push the boundaries since some of the environments have never been experienced by a human observer.

That’s why organizations like NASA, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and the US Air Force, have chosen VPT to supply them with high reliability DC-DC converters, EMI filters, accessory power products, and custom engineering power designs.

Rigorous quality assurance processes

VPT’s success and the success of our customers is aligned and begins with our intensely rigorous quality assurance process. Our Quality Assurance Manual and System includes more than 300 specific quality and process procedures. We test both the intellectual and physical lifespan of the product. We’re not just looking for defects, we’re evaluating design.

VPT’s detailed quality control plan provides many benefits to end users, as well as the assurance that the solution will perform at the highest level. DOE (Design of Experiments), qualification, and periodic inspections all reduce lead times for customers who receive orders faster. The product design history allows the process to be easily repeated, while data and documentation packages ensure compliance and verification. In addition, safety tests provide peace of mind so that customers can deploy VPT products without fear of malfunction or accidents.

The VPT culture supports innovation within and empowers employees to produce the highest quality power conversion solutions in the industry through rigorous training programs which yield experienced operators and inspectors. Furthermore, VPT holds a variety of certifications including: MIL-PRF-38534 certification, Class H and Class K, QML; MIL-STD-883 Lab Suitability; MIL-STD-750 Lab Suitability; IPC-A-610 Class 3 and J-STD-001 compliance; ISO-9001:2008 Certification; various MIL-PRF-38534 Class H and K SMDs and Drawings; and more.

Catching defects early

We already know what a product looks like when it breaks down: white smoke, little blinking lights, usually red, but we’re looking for something else: defects that haven’t made themselves known yet. We’re looking to identify, anticipate, and resolve those defects before they actually exist.

It’s the kind of proactive quality assurance the average engineer might never even think about. It is achieved through a complete set of quality procedures, the most comprehensive in the market, including:

  • process capability
  • quality management methodology
  • supplier quality control
  • component and raw material standardization and minimization
  • process control and capability studies
  • design assurance

Why VPT?

Our team of engineers includes some of the most celebrated power supply innovators in the world. When not changing the entire face and trajectory of the industry with ground-breaking innovation, VPT engineers have pioneered more than 25 patents in power technology.

We’re using cutting-edge technology to design custom solutions for custom situations and understand the intense pressure companies in the avionics, military, space, and other demanding industries face to locate technologies that work. We know you aren’t interested in second chances – you want a product, a part, a system, a solution, that works right the first time, and every time after.

Client feedback lauds VPT for having the industry’s best control processes, product reliability, and customer satisfaction. In keeping with our mission to exceed expectations, we have also developed a proactive quality control program that focuses on continuous improvement and qualification. Not only does our QC team complete and then document thorough reviews of each customer’s requirements, they also share that information with teams from Engineering, Manufacturing, and the Sales Department to drive positive customer experiences.

VPT utilises a configuration control plan that promotes awareness via traceability processes. Advanced technologies and control software provide access and visibility to every requirement, standard, and process document, to personnel across all of our facilities and respective departments. This company-wide accessibility is available at every stage: from design to manufacturing, from screening to shipping. Our custom automated test system evaluates component selection for mission product life expectations, and tests for radiation performance. By verifying materials through screening, this system also streamlines VPT’s manufacturing processes.

Building strong relationships with suppliers allows VPT to know exactly where all parts and components originate. Orders are sourced from OEMs or via VPT’s manufacturer authorized distributors. By maintaining vigilant oversight of the source of materials used in their products, as well as through supplier audits, VPT is able to offer confidence in solution reliability and performance.