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The age of multi-domain training platforms

As military operations evolve into grey zone, cyber, and multi-domain operations, training concepts and systems too have to advance in order to prepare operators for the battlefields of the future.

Mind and matter: the application of brain computer interfaces

Augmenting a person’s cognitive ability by artificial means is becoming more science fact that science fiction, with defence personnel likely to benefit.

A look inside the US Future Vertical Lift program

Faster speeds and longer ranges are two key focuses of the FVL program.

HIMARS and Switchblades are part of Lithuania’s military build-up

Lithuania’s defence spending is rising as it prepares against possible Russian threats.

What the plummeting pound means for UK defence

For the UK defence industry, the impact of the devaluation of the pound will likely be felt across a short timeframe.

Abraham Accords treaties continue to promote defense cooperation in the Middle East

The governments of Israel and the UAE in particular have dramatically ramped up collective efforts to facilitate industrial and strategic partnerships.

The role of state-level Economic Development Corporations in the US defense industry

The primary role of EDCs is to attract new business and support existing businesses operating in the area.

CHIPS act creates long-term plan to address semi-conductor vulnerability

This act comes at a time when the US is increasingly concerned about reliance on foreign players, especially those based in South-East Asia.

Russian corruption: A factor in the war in Ukraine?

Historically, there has been a steady stream of high-level Russian military officials who have been called up on corruption charges.

The coming revolution of armoured vehicle propulsion

Free Buyer’s Guide Leading Guide to Antennas, Masts & Towers for the Land Defence Industry The document includes detailed information…