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The Iris-T SLM becomes a popular European air defence system

The capabilities of the air defence system are put to test by a variety of European militaries across central and eastern Europe.

Munitions scarcity raises questions about capacity to sustain high-intensity warfare

This issue of capacity is further exacerbated by several unique regulatory pitfalls in Europe.

UK Defence after the IR23: reviewed but not refreshed

The much-awaited review document has set out notable changes to the UK’s approach to its relationships with international partners, and adversaries.

USAF and Navy face uphill battle in retirement requests to Congress

Both forces were not granted all of the retirements they asked for in FY23, and in particular Congress resisted the retirement of assets which had not reached the end of their lifespans.

War in Ukraine shows no signs of abating

The war has highlighted how reliant the Russian defense industry has been on the West for vital components for its advanced equipment.

The Czech Republic sends tens of billions worth of heavy military support to Ukraine  

During the first year of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the central European nation provided various packages, including heavy military support for Ukraine.

European cyber activity puts Russia squarely as the threat and enshrines common approach beyond EU

Countries globally are looking to increase their cyber defense capabilities given the increased threat level being presented by Russia.

UK Ministry of Defence orders HMT 400 Series from Supacat-Babcock

Supacat and Babcock will collaborate to deliver a minimum of 70 additional high-mobility military transporters (HMT) to the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence (MoD).

EDGE acquires majority stake in Estonia-based Milrem Robotics 

Tallin-based Milrem Robotics has agreed to become part of the EDGE Group after the acquisition of a majority stake in the hope of expanding its capabilities internationally.

AM General wins US Army contract for Joint Light Tactical Vehicles

US Department of Defense incentivises competition for its follow-on production contract to get the best dollar value.