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From sci-fi to reality: The rise of killer robots in warfare

Various military organisations are continuing to push for MUM-T across land and air domains on the battlefield.

Byte-sized warriors: the role of artificial intelligence in defence

The number of ethical questions surrounding AI in the military is growing significantly.

Key takeaways from the Nato Vilnius 2023 summit

In the Joint Communique issued after the first day, Nato reiterated the necessity of meeting the spending target and of its various core values.

US sends cluster munitions to Ukraine

The ethicality of the move is expected to be discussed in the Nato summit in Lithuania this week.

Breaking down German defence spending since the Zeitenwende speech

The German government would need to increase the Bundeswehr’s annual budget by 45% to meet Nato’s spending requirements.

Do sodium-ion batteries have a future in the defence industry?

Sodium ions are both larger and roughly three times heavier than Li-ions, meaning their capabilities are limited.

Can sanctions on Russia be made more effective?

An analysis of 58 pieces of captured Russian equipment revealed components sourced from 155 foreign companies.

US Pentagon wages campaign to improve energy resilience

The US explores energy resilience as the Defense Department wants to stay ahead of global military innovation.

GAO: US military must reassess GPS modernisation

The US Space Force cannot maintain any more satellites for the sake of additional GPS coverage; neither can it develop M-code at a reasonable pace.

The Iris-T SLM becomes a popular European air defence system

The capabilities of the air defence system are put to test by a variety of European militaries across central and eastern Europe.