Low-altitude and multi-mission UAV, that can be combined with different sensor payloads for maximum mission flexibility. In addition to Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), Stream C can also be configured for tactical missions such as Communication Relay and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT).

The UAV ranges up to 150 km from the Main Ground Control Station (MGCS) can be used to provide real-time day and night reconnaissance, target location and designation, artillery fire support, SIGINT and communication relay. Range extension up to 250 km with handing over control of UAV to forward-positioned Portable Ground Control Station (PGCS). The system mesh network can facilitate remote users like Command Posts and Fire Direction centres through Remote Video Terminals (RVT) providing live video and rapid coordination through voice and text messages.

Key users:

· Brigade/ taskforce
· Special operations task group
· Law enforcement and security services
· Border security
· Coastal defence
· Maritime surveillance

Key features:

· Over 10 hours of flight time
· Up to 6 kg useful payload capacity
· Communication distance over to 150km
· Multi-sensor payload option
· High-quality video feed and onboard recording
· Video stream according to STANAG 4609 with embedded KLV metadata
· Up to level 4 interoperability

The VTOL option provides improved mobility and convenience, especially in difficult terrain conditions.

It is suitable for operations in confined space, inside compounds and urban conditions, natural environment: forests or mountain area, maritime: stationary battleship or a rescue vessel.