Eos UAV is a hand-launched and parachute-recovered electric mini UAV designed to deliver stable and clear video stream. Eos has VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) configuration that brings a lot of unmatched mobility and flexibility, especially in difficult terrain conditions.

The VTOL configuration offers flexible usage as it has lower requirements for the launch and take-off area (operable in densely vegetated or urban areas). The UAS has a very short turnaround time due to VTOL mode for landing gear. The system can be launched from the depth of friendly operating area due to long operational time, close to front-line troops.

Eos mini UAV is used for intelligence, reconnaissance, surveillance, security (screen, guard and cover, area security), targeting and battle damage assessment tasks. With its outstanding gimbal performance, reporting tool and call for fire functionality, the UAV is the most sophisticated intelligence collection asset for the company or battalion-size units supporting up to level 4 interoperability (hand-over gimbal control to remote video terminal and/or UAV control to alternative ground control station).

Key Users:

• Small units
• Company or battalion-size units
• Special operations task groups (SOTG)
• Special operations task units (SOTU)
• Lower or higher echelon levels
• Special services
• Border guard and police

Key Features:

• 3h endurance
• Instantly convertible between fixed-wing and VTOL
• Extremely low noise
• Low visual footprint
• Outstanding aerodynamics
• Powerful and gyro-stabilized dual EO/IR gimbal
• Photogrammetric payload
• Video stream according to STANAG 4609 with embedded KLV metadata