Diamond has developed the new rugged MIL-83526 Diamond multipurpose (DM) connector featuring the DM insert for superior optical performance.

This connector is extremely well suited for adverse environments and other demanding applications. The MIL-83526 DM4 connector incorporates four termini utilising Diamond’s two-component ferrules, assembled with the company’s Active Core Alignment (ACA) process for unparalleled fibre core concentricity. This connector is also available with electrical contacts for hybrid E/O applications.

The MIL-83526 DM connector is available for MM, SM (PC/APC) and small-core single mode fibre, polarisation-maintaining (PM) fibre, and other specialist fibre types.

Furthermore, Diamond’s splice-on termini can be field terminated with the Diamond ZEUS D50 HE fusion splicer, allowing for in-service repairs and custom installation.

Features and benefits:

  • Rugged construction for highly reliable optical connections
  • IP class: IP68 rated
  • Easy ferrule front-face access for cleaning and inspection
  • Keyed, self aligning, connector housing aides in ‘blind mating’ applications
  • Electrical pin size 20 AWG
  • Easy termini insertion and removal for field termination and repair