The ZEUS D50 HE kit contains everything that is needed to prepare, handle and splice tough outdoor / military and industrial cables with an outer diameter of 3mm to 8mm, including a cleaver and an automated stripping machine with heated jaws. Once the cable is fixed on a sliding holder, all three operations can be carried out without additional cable manipulation.

Everything is stored safely in an IP64 hard case, which also acts as a working surface in adverse environments.

The ultra compact all-in-one system can be taken out of the case for easy handling.

Features and benefits:

  • User friendly all-in-one system allows stripping, cleaving and splicing processes to be carried out in order to ensure safe cable manipulations
  • Optional sets available for terminating the following Diamond adverse environment connectors: X-BEAM Fusion, HE-2000 DM and MIL-38999 DM style
  • Optional sets available for terminating Diamond E-2000™, F-3000™, SC, FC and ST™ Splice-On Connectors (SOC)
  • Enhanced cable handling for 3mm to 8mm outdoor / military cables thanks to special holders granting a higher splice yield
  • Complete kit of all the tools required to carry out all processes ranging from cable preparation to connector body assembly
  • IP64 carrying case for use in challenging environments