The modular CBRN system supplies clean filtered air to the vehicle. This unit creates an overpressure inside of the vehicle to prevent any particles from entering via any small openings on the vehicle hull.

The CBRN system is a bolt-on assembly and can easily be integrated into one of the vehicle’s existing side bins and connected to the existing evaporators on the inside of the vehicle. The connection to the evaporator allows the filter fresh air to be cooled prior to entering the vehicle in high ambient conditions.

The CBRN system has an integrated 3-way valve allowing the user to switch between CBRN filtration and Dust filtration. This can be a manual action or by means of an electrical motor.

THE CBRN System is fitted with an AEP 54 Edition 2 Cas Compliant Filter that is available from all leading filter suppliers and include Dragger, EMCEL and MDH Defence.

U-VC filtration modules can be offered for both air filtration as well as the crew compartment.

The Human Machine Interface (HMI) is simple yet effective in displaying all required checks to ensure CBRN threat protection. This includes, filter installed, 3-way valve position, CBRN filter not blocked and confirmation that overpressure is achieved inside the vehicle. An audible alarm warns the operator if CRBN protection is not active by monitoring the overpressure inside the vehicle in CBRN mode.