Custom-built chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (cbrn) filtration systems for vehicles.

Complementary to our range of HVAC and APU systems for military vehicles, SME also develops custom-built Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) filtration systems specifically to meet the client’s requirement or vehicle design.

We supply a variety of systems, from the portable 54m3/h unit for six face masks, to various configurations of 170m3/h overpressure units for vehicle crew compartments.

Advantages of SME Vehicle CBRN System

● Bolt-on system – No vehicle changes required
● Can be installed on site, onto a vehicle already in the field
● Integrated 5.5kW Diesel Air Heater
● Independent fuel tank with integrated winterised heater and pump system
● Main pump with automatic control, for refilling heater tank from vehicle tank
● Armour enclosure of system base frame, with access hatch for easy maintenance (inside and outside of vehicle)
● Integrated overpressure valve – no modifications to vehicle
● NBC Certified 3-way change over valve
● Integrated control systems with HVAC System i.e. single control for all systems (Heating, Cooling and CBRN)
● Generic CBRN filter with hinged mounting interface mechanism
● Self-cleaning fresh air primary cyclone filter – 95% effective
● Removable secondary cloth/pleated filter – (before CBRN filter)
● DC electronic brushless overpressure fan with flow regulating control – low maintenance and low MTBF
● Complete system diagnostics from HMI, including test & display residual life of filter
● 100% Compatible with existing aircon control system
● Change CBRN filter from inside vehicle in life-threatening situations – crew does not need to leave the vehicle when loading/changing the CBRN filters