SME’s turret mounted modular air conditioning system (ACU) supplies 12kW cooling to ensure a cabin temperature of 22–25°C max in a 55°C ambient, provided the turret is thermally insulated.

The aircon is a single evaporator design with a single 330cc compressor belt driven on the APU engine. The ACU operates fully in conjunction with the APU and does not require main vehicle power. The APU/ACU system does not restrict the standard operational features of the vehicle in terms of firing and mobility.

The electrical connections, looms between the aircon, power units, electronic control panels, and electrical control gear are designed and selected for operation in military environments, which include adverse temperatures, as well as severe shock and vibration.

SME’s aircon and power unit are equipped with custom-designed electronic controllers, capable of all control and safety functions. The controller activates subsystems as required to regulate the cabin temperature to the desired setting on the remote control panel (HMI). The system has a Bluetooth login interface for remote monitoring via a smartphone app and/or laptop.

Installation of the units requires minimal vehicle modifications. Modules are mounted on the outside on the rear of the turret in such a way that personnel actions and movement are unaffected.