A compact auxiliary power unit (APU) that can supply a power of min. 17 kW to max. 20 kW with two 28VDC 500A internal permanent magnet generators:

  • Supply 28VDC, 715A to charge the vehicle batteries or supply the electrical requirements of the auxiliary subsystems, without starting the vehicle main engine.

The APU system does not restrict the standard operational features of the vehicle in terms of firing and mobility. It runs off the existing battery pack and onboard vehicle fuel tank.

All electrical connections, looms between the power unit and the electronic control panel as well as electrical control gear are designed and selected for operation in the military environment which include adverse temperatures, EMI/EMC as well as severe shock and vibration.  The auxiliary power unit is equipped with custom designed electronic controllers, capable of all control and safety functions.  The controller automatically regulates the engine speed according to load to conserve fuel, reduce noise and prolong engine life.  The system has a Bluetooth login interface for remote monitoring via a smartphone app and/or laptop.

Installation of the units requires minimal vehicle modifications and the APU is designed to be a line replaceable unit.  Modules are mounted on the inside of an existing space claim in such a way that personnel actions and movement are unaffected.