UHT-12TM is a new crystal designed for more accurate, lower noise measurements during large temperature variations. It features a sensitivity of 5pC/g, a measurement range of ±200g pk and a ±5% high-frequency response of 5kHz. The sensor is to be used for vibration testing and permanent monitoring of aviation gas turbines or other very high temperature environments.

As with all PCB® instrumentation, these sensors are complemented with toll-free applications assistance, 24-hour technical support, and are backed by a no-risk policy that guarantees total customer satisfaction or a full refund.

Highlights include:

  • Measurement range: ±200g pk (±1,962m/s² pk)
  • Absence of pyroelectric noise spikes to 1,200ºF (650ºC) reduces signal clipping in data acquisition
  • Sensitivity remains more consistent over a wide temperature change
  • Shear mode design isolates the sensor from base strain, lowers transverse sensitivity and reduces temperature transients, resulting in a more accurate measurement
  • No vent or window for oxygen
  • Noise free operation to 900°F (482°C)
  • Sensitivity: 5.0pC/g (510pC / (m/s²))