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Low Noise MEMS DC Accelerometers


PCB® series 3711E, 3713E and 3741E MEMS DC response sensors are designed for measuring low frequency motion down to 0Hz.

They are applied to gravitational force measurements, driveability pilot seat vibration, aerospace vibration flutter testing and structural monitoring and various other applications. Each series features a full scale measurement between ± 2g to ± 200g along with low spectral noise and high resolution.

The product is part of our 10,000 Platinum Stock Sensors offering, which ship the same day and are backed by a lifetime warranty. These sensors, along with all PCB® instrumentation, are complemented with toll-free applications assistance, 24-hour technical support and are backed by a no-risk policy that guarantees total customer satisfaction or your money refunded.

Highlights include:

  • Gas-damped, silicon MEMS sensing elements offer high-frequency overload protection
  • Fully conditioned output
  • Simple, DCaircraft DC-power excitation schemes
  • True DC measurement capability

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