Miniature (1.33gm), ceramic shear ICP® accelerometer, 2.5mV/g, with TEDS version 1.0 and 5-44 coaxial connector. This product is designed for measuring vibration on small objects where mass loading, accuracy and documentation are a concern, PCB’s new Model 352A57 accelerometer weighs only 1.33g and is TEDS enabled.

The acccelerometer’s most unique feature is its high measuring range combination (2,000g, sensitivity of 2.5mV/g) and high resolution (0.001g rms) enabling it to be used in satellite component ground vibration testing for sine, random and shaker shock without the need to swap out accelerometers for different measuring ranges. It is also hermetically sealed, making it suitable for low outgassing thermal vacuum chamber environments.

As with all PCB® instrumentation, these sensors are complemented with toll-free applications assistance, 24-hour technical support, and are backed by a no-risk policy that guarantees total customer satisfaction or your money refunded.

Highlights include:

  • Adhesive mounting
  • One sensor for sine, random and shaker shock of satellites
  • Sensitivity: (±10%) 2.50mV/g (0.255 mV/(m/s²))
  • Measurement range: ±2,000g pk (±19,620 m/s² pk)
  • Broadband resolution: 0.001g rms (0.01m/s² rms)
  • Frequency range: (±5%) 0.5Hz to 10,000Hz