Raytheon Australia has collaborated with Austal, and BMT Group, to bid for the Australian Department of Defence’s (DoD) LAND 8710-1A programme.

The programme aims to build landing crafts and amphibious vehicles for the Australian Army.

If selected, the team will collaboratively deliver the future ready Independent Littoral Manoeuvre Vessel (ILMV) to meet the needs of complex littoral manoeuvres of the Australian Army.

The project will be led by Raytheon Australia, while BMT will design the vessel, and Austal will construct the ILMV at its Henderson shipyard in Western Australia.

Raytheon Australia managing director Michael Ward said: “The Australian ILMV is a resilient and flexible vessel that meets [the] Army’s requirements.

“It is robust and capable and future ready, with clear growth and upgrade opportunities to ensure our solution supports the Army in motion as they respond to accelerated warfare.

“Importantly, we are ready to start work now to meet [the] Army’s timeline and have the experience to work with them to realise the Australian ILMV’s full operational capability.”

In 2021, the Australian Government announced that it will invest approximately $577.04m (A$800m) in the Littoral Manoeuvre – Light project, LAND 8710 Phase 1, to enhance the amphibious capabilities of the Australian Army.

The vessel to be built under this programme will provide Australian Defence Forces (ADF) with the capability to conduct independent ship-to-shore, shore-to-shore, and over-the-shore operations.

BMT senior business development manager Trevor Dove said: “We are thrilled to be able to offer our customised Australian ILMV design, optimising stability, speed, endurance, fuel, stores, and accommodation for independent and in-company operations.

“Our Australian ILMV is based on BMT’s existing landing craft hull form, a mature design in the running for LAND8710-1A. It is ready to be delivered, with growth margins for a future ready Army.”