A US-based training solutions provider Cole Engineering Services Inc (CESI) has joined ‘Team Aurelian’ – now a trilateral industrial partnership including Leonardo UK and Valiant – formed to pitch a solution for the British Army’s Collective Training Transformation Programme (CTTP).

CESI brings a lot to table: the company is the lead developer and provider of the US Army’s Synthetic Training Environment (STE) software and its immersive Reconfigurable Virtual Collective Trainer. STE bring together live, virtual and constructive (LVC) training environments into a single, blended-training platform to deliver distributed, collective training.

Together, the Team Aurelian partners will be able to update the UK’s systems to ensure that the British Army training remains world-class in the digital age.

In addition to the specific teaming agreement targeting CTTP, Leonardo and CESI’s parent company By Light signed a wider memorandum of understanding that will see the two companies work together to seek out synergies in, and opportunities for, their respective synthetic environment capabilities and other complementary capabilities.

John Wells, Leonardo UK’s campaign director for for the CTTP, stated: “Team Aurelian [has] the skills, proven technology and experience to deliver this long-term, large-scale, highly-complex programme.

“CESI has been competitively sleecte dby the US Army on multiple occasions to provide synthetic training technologies and we will be proud to work with them to transform the training capabilities of our Armed Forces in the UK.”

Stu Armstrong, the CTO of CESI said: “Our partnership with… Team Aurelian extends our working relationships even further to provide best breed technical expertise and untouched technology solutions. We are produce to bring our deep capabilities in delivering innovative and modern synthetic training environments, at scale, to deliver training that allows soldiers to truly succeed.”

So far within the realm of the British Army’s extensive training ambitions, it has made some headway through the innovation provided by deep tech start-ups such as the British company, Hadean. Last year, the company provided a cloud based system to overcome the problem of the servrice’s longstanding training siloes.

Likewise, the service have just announced its new Land Training System (LTS), which is a vision designed to cultivate the sub-unit level with a wide range of skills and competencies in a combined arms environment. Ultimately, the new LTS will ensure that required skills and competencies get to where they need to be at the pace of relevance.