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Trainee Reporter for GlobalData Aerospace, Defence and Security. John contributes to our Army, Airforce, and Naval Technology sites.

John Hill

US Air Force infringes on Space Force capabilities

A US Space Force official identifies ambiguity over intersecting jurisdictional roles when it comes to certain space capabilities between the air and space forces.

The Netherlands seeks sustainable stock of soldier equipment

The Dutch Ministry of Defence found that they have a two-decade stock build-up of solider equipment that is outdated and in need of modernisation.

China is advancing rapidly, and the US private sector must contain it

The US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence met to discuss the state of the security climate and it was agreed that the private sector is the key for the US to maintain the advantage in a wide range of areas.

The problem of codifying AI

Artificial intelligence has become the source for automated military services, but we have yet to understand where our requirements reside for this innovation.

UK report addresses the challenges of the UK-US “Special Relationship”

The UK Defence Committee has published a report calling for the US to provide greater technology and intelligence sharing and the need to overcome costly US industry regulations.

UK adds Saudi Arabia to its industrial partners

As the two countries agree to build on their combat air relationship, what can we expect from this statement of intent, and where are we to place it in the MoD’s global industrial strategy?

Australia makes headway on its sovereign Guided Weapons and Explosive Ordnance enterprise

BAE Systems Australia coaxes European missile systems manufacturer MBDA into a collaboration agreement that will consolidate the Albanese government’s GWEO enterprise.

South Korea balances Chinese economic support and US security

South Korea has become dependent on the US for security and on China for its economy; the country has become a stage for the ongoing tech war.

AM General makes comeback as top prime in US military trucks

AM General not only unseats Oshkosh in manufacturing US light tactical vehicles, but the company consolidates its primacy by supplying different forms of trucks for military operators.

Western European defence investment is humbled by Estonia-UAE robotics deal

EDGE Group’s recent acquisition of Milrem Robotics is just one example of how eastern European commitments to defence are putting western efforts to shame.