CRFS is a trusted leader in electronic defense and spectrum management, delivering high-performance RF detection and analysis for full spectrum dominance.

The company’s TRL 9 solutions include distributed remote sensing and signal collection, geolocation, counter-UAV cuing and countersurveillance.

Radio-frequency sensors to cover a vast signal range

RFeye Nodes and Arrays form the core of the RFeye system from CRFS. With an extremely low noise rate and impressive clarity, RFeye sensors can “see” farther, with more detail and greater accuracy, than similar products on the market.

The company develops innovative software solutions for users of experience,
CRFS provides solutions for the detection and identification of RF signals.
CRFS provides geolocation, counter-UAV and counter-surveillance products.

This has several advantages, including:

  • Added signal range: see moving emitters before they ever enter the battlespace
  • Cleaner signal collection: analyze the best signal possible with superior signal capture
  • Better recordings: save high-fidelity signal recordings for identification and playback
  • Narrower backhaul: minimize your signal footprint and operate in austere network environments with smart receivers that do all the heavy lifting

RFeye receivers also have a great field of vision, with an instantaneous bandwidth of 100 MHz and an overall frequency range of 9 kHz – 18 GHz (very low frequency to super high frequency, or VLF to SHF).

Spectrum intelligence software for any user ability

CRFS software turns signals into knowledge. RFeye software is designed for varying needs and levels of user ability. These signal software solutions include RFeye Mission, Site and DeepView.

RFeye Mission features a simple interface and automation to minimize lack of signal expertise. It allows users to gain intelligence quickly, without looking at a spectrum, using licensing, scheduling and automated geolocation and alerts. Common applications include early threat warnings for base or installation security and for TSCM, as well as frequency management for small teams.

CRFS’s RFeye Site offers versatility and options for signals experts. This software enables users to find, analyze, and locate RF signals of interest in real time with advanced control parameters. Site is used in SIGINT collection and EW surveillance (ES) applications. Its open API allows users to port high-fidelity data into third-party software for joint service interoperability and intelligence fusion.

RFeye DeepView empowers the most capable electronic intelligence (ELINT) experts to conduct deep forensic signals analysis. Users can find and extract suspect signals for signal classification and compilation. RFeye DeepView is utilized to analyze sensitive equipment at military test ranges and in strategic and tactical environments.

Multi-mission, multi-user

CRFS smart sensors are designed for remote access, taking external commands and sending back only the most vital information to the software. All command deconfliction is handled at the receiver level, allowing multiple users to conduct simultaneous missions on one or a set of receivers.

Sensors for drones and aerostats

CRFS remote-access sensors don’t just operate on the ground. They have also been successfully deployed on aerostats and drones. RFeye Nodes can be networked to geolocate aircraft and drones—including altitude—using three-dimensional time difference of arrival (3D TDOA). CRFS also offers a ballistics package to track the speed and trajectory of aerial vehicles.

About CRFS

At CRFS, we believe that the best hardware, software, and know-how contributes to our customers’ success. That’s why we’ve developed rugged, compact, high-performance modular sensors and reliable, intuitive software to turn RF data into timely, accurate and actionable intelligence.

We don’t just have outstanding products; we also have exceptional people: developers, engineers, and scientists with extensive experience within the military, regulatory and research sectors. Our team understands the challenges facing customers, working with each customer to deliver tailor-made solutions.

We don’t just provide hardware and software; we are part of the solution. The CRFS team is responsive, agile and collaborative. We’re here for the full lifecycle of our products and our customers’ missions, ensuring the successful deployment, integration and long-life operation of our equipment. We build long-term customer relationships, engaging and listening to our customers to help drive future research and development that solves real-world issues.