RFeye Nodes are state-of-the-art superheterodyne receivers designed to support military and commercial applications without physical, location, or infrastructure constraints. The RF sensors are ideal for high-performance ITU-compliant spectrum monitoring, military spectrum operations, signal analysis, and data streaming from 9kHz – 40GHz.

These fourth-generation high-performance RF sensors have in-built edge processing to reduce the bandwidth of backhaul data.

Automate wide area and close proximity signal monitoring, interference detection, identification, geolocation, and reporting.

Continuously monitor the spectrum in real-time 24/7. Record I/Q data with digital analysis for signal classification. Stream in Vita-49 for third-party demodulation.


  • Intelligent RF sensor: High-performance, intelligent RF sensor with in-built edge processing, reducing backhaul data bandwidth.
  • Small, light, fast: RFeye Nodes can be deployed on masts, tripods, within building ceiling tiles, and as drone payloads for fixed, mobile, and tactical in-field deployments.
  • RF recording (I/Q capture): Record and capture in high fidelity. Stream wider signals high-definition I/Q for SIGNIT.
  • Networked for multiple users & missions: Multiple users have multi-mission capabilities and can fully manage EMSO and user interaction.
  • Advanced signal intercept: Multi-stage pre-selection filtering and intelligent AGC support superior signal extraction in contested and noisy environments.
  • IP67-rated ruggedised against water & dust: Designed for outdoor deployment, RFeye Nodes operate in -30C – +55C environments.
  • Superior RF performance: Excellent phase noise, low noise figure, superb spurious free dynamic range, with FPGA technology and card design supporting integration and exploitation of the SDR and computer platform.
  • 100 MHz IBW wideband RF monitoring: Quickly sweep from 9 kHz to 40 GHz with a high probability of intercept.
  • Easy installation, set-up & operation: COTS optimized, RFeye technology is easy to connect and install and does not require recalibration.
  • Gateway to powerful software & APIs: CRFS hardware works with a software suite to monitor, capture, analyze, and geolocate signals of interest for complete spectrum superiority.