Spectrum monitoring and communication intelligence systems rely on CRFS’s intelligent RF sensors, radio direction finders and innovative DF antennas.

With a range of 9 kHz to 40 GHz and a DF frequency range of 20 MHz to 40 GHz, RFeye Arrays can detect even the shortest-frequency agile signals and high-frequency signals to support EMSO.

RFeye Arrays are perfect for both tactical and strategic applications, including COMINT, SIGINT, ISR missions, radio interference sourcing, radio monitoring, border security monitoring, protecting friendly forces, localisation, and geolocating enemy emitters—operators can also combine spectrum monitoring, geolocation, and I/Q recording in parallel.


  • Unique multi-layer approach: More sophisticated and versatile than traditional DF for maximum accuracy, maximum sensitivity, and reliable detection of signals that are invisible to other DF systems.
  • Combined geolocation methodologies: Sophisticated timing and synchronization technology enables combined PoA, AoA, TDoA (2D and 3D), and hybrid DF that maps all signal types (power, bandwidth, and frequency).
  • RF recording (I/Q capture): Record and capture in high fidelity. Stream wider signals high-definition I/Q for SIGINT.
  • DF antennas: Unique directional and omnidirectional antennas layout is optimized for different frequency bands and arranged in multiple orientations.
  • 100 MHz IBW wideband frequency monitoring: Quickly sweep from 9 kHz to 40 GHz; a DF frequency range of 20 MHz to 40 GHz; and a high probability of intercept.
  • Networked for multiple users & missions: Multiple users have multi-mission capabilities and can fully manage EMSO and user interaction.
  • All linear signal polarisations: RFeye Arrays are sensitive to most incoming signal polarizations (including all linear), allowing more reliable signal detection.
  • Intelligent RF sensor: High-performance, intelligent RF sensor with in-built edge processing, reducing backhaul data bandwidth.
  • Ruggedized protection from water or dust (IP55): Designed for outdoor deployment, RFeye Nodes operate in -30°C – +55°C environments.
  • Easy installation, setup & operation: COTS-optimised, RFeye technology is easy to connect and install and does not require recalibration.