RFeye Site software is designed by RF experts for RF experts. It provides users with a comprehensive toolkit for real-time spectrum monitoring and geolocation.

Highly versatile, easily configurable, and providing a broad array of advanced functionalities, RFeye Site includes all essential functionality for spectrum monitoring and management tasks: from basic RF sweeps, simulations, and I/Q capture to detailed spectrum power/occupancy/ bandwidth measurements and comprehensive 3D TDoA visualizations.

The software has a multi-mission capability that enables multiple spectrum monitoring and geolocation tasks to run simultaneously on the same RFeye Nodes.

RFeye Site’s key capabilities

  • Indoor and outdoor real-time geolocation using AoA, TDoA, PoA, and hybrid measurements
  • Real-time EW and SIGINT data input and output
  • Multiple data and map overlays of node networks and geolocation results
  • Alarms and triggered missions (e.g., sweep, I/Q capture, geolocation) in response to frequency mask breaks
  • Signal classification
  • Real-time control of Nodes and data analysis
  • Post-analysis of recorded signals (including geolocation)
  • Simulation and propagation modelling to optimise receiver networks for required coverage
  • Terrain analysis and site planning for receiver coverage and geolocation coverage by type
  • Simulation capabilities for monitoring and geolocation scenarios testing


  • Spectrum sweeps & signal capture
  • Mapping: 2D, 3D (TDoA), satellite images
  • Automation: alarms, masks & triggers
  • Record & playback: manual & automated
  • Simulation & modelling: emitters, receivers, structures & geo-data
  • Terrain analysis and site planning
  • Simulation modes to model system performance
  • I/Q streaming (VITA-49) to third-party software