RFeye Guard is an in-building Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) spectrum monitoring solution that detects modern surveillance threats.

The system is built upon a network of discreetly installed RF sensors. When an illicit signal is detected, the system uses geolocation techniques to locate the signal source, raising alerts for further investigation.

Unlike traditional TSCM strategies, which may miss devices transmitting intermittently or employing complex signal patterns such as frequency hopping, RFeye Guard’s continuous monitoring capability ensures that even the most advanced and low-power signals are detected.

RFeye Guard is particularly suitable for environments where security and privacy are paramount, such as government buildings, corporate boardrooms, banking institutions, national critical infrastructure, and data centres.


  • Intelligent RF sensor: High-performance, intelligent RF sensor with in-built edge processing, reducing backhaul data bandwidth.
  • Timing synchronisation indoors: Distributed Node synchronization technology (SyncLinc) enables synchronous in-building operations in GNSS-denied environments (when GNSS signals are not available indoors).
  • 100 MHz IBW wideband frequency monitoring: Quickly sweep from 9 kHz up to 40 GHz with a high probability of intercept.
  • Gateway to powerful software & APIs: CRFS hardware works with a software suite to monitor, capture, analyze, and geolocate signals of interest for complete spectrum visibility.
  • Easy installation, setup, & operation: COTS-optimised, RFeye technology is easy to connect and install and does not require recalibration.