John Cockerill is the undisputed technological leader in multifunctional, high-power turrets for light and medium-weight armoured vehicles.

Independent of any and all vehicle manufacturers, John Cockerill is widely recognised for the technical and operational excellence of its products, and its reputation as a reliable partner of modern high-mobility forces stems from its ability to provide fully integrated solutions.

John Cockerill supplies, integrates and modernises complete firepower solutions from 25mm – 120mm calibre. The Cockerill weapon systems use an electronical architecture to enable easy and quick through-life capability upgrade.

The company offers a global support service ensuring optimised integrated logistics and through-life support activities (i.e. maintenance, repair, training, in country technical assistance, customer helpline, modernisation programmes, etc.), as well as dedicated products such as simulator and missile systems.

CMI Defence simulation system.
Cockerill CT-CV 105HP large calibre weapon system.
The Cockerill CT-CV 105HP turret can fire the long-range Falarick 105 Gun-Launched Anti-Tank Guided Missile (GLATGM).
Cockerill LCTS 90MP weapon system for light armoured vehicles.
The Cockerill LCTS 90MP turret features a powerful Cockerill 90mm gun with an advanced autoloader.
Cockerill Medium Calibre Turret.
Cockerill CSE 90LP turret.
CRAB armed with the Cockerill CPWS 25 medium-calibre protected weapon station.
Doosan K-21 armed with the Cockerill XC-8 120 HP low-weight concept-turret.

CPWS 20-25-30 medium calibre weapon stations

The Cockerill CPWS 20-25-30 is a family of light medium-calibre protected weapon stations. Designed to accept a range of medium-calibre weapons, the Cockerill CPWS 20-25-30 remains small and light enough to fit a range of 4×4 AFVs. The system improves survivability to smaller, highly mobile, armoured vehicles.

The Cockerill CPWS 20-25-30 turrets are unmanned; remotely operated by a person in the carrier vehicle. The turrets can mount a range of 20mm, 25mm and 30mm automatic cannon with a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun in a ballistically enclosed, power-operated turret. The turret will typically carry 150 rounds of ready ammunition. Twin-feeds may be provided to permit the use of more than one type of ammunition. The weapons are employed using a high performance, digital, fully-stabilised, day/night weapon control system.

Medium calibre turret

The modular Cockerill medium calibre turret is a new generation system. The turret may be remotely operated or manned by a conventional crew. The turret can mount one of a range of 25mm, 30mm, 35mm and 40mm automatic cannon, with a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun. Integrated in a ballistically-protected, power-operated turret, the cannon can elevate to +60° for combat in complex terrain and for the engagement of slow-speed aerial targets.

The weapons are employed using a high performance, digital, fully-stabilised, day/night weapon control system that confers hunter/killer functionality. The Cockerill Medium Calibre turret uses modular design and open systems architectures to enable through-life capability upgrade and to minimise obsolescence risk.

CSE 90LP – the proven reference in 90mm weapon systems

The light and robust Cockerill CSE 90LP provides a range of highly effective fires accurately delivered around the clock using electrically-powered gun drives and a night/day digital fire control system. The Cockerill CSE 90LP turret can be fitted to a wide range of wheeled and tracked armoured vehicles of 7t and more, and can be precisely tailored according to the user’s requirements and budgetary constraints.

More than 2,300 Cockerill 90mm LP guns are in operation all around the world.

LCTS 90MP – weapon system for light armoured vehicles

The in-service Cockerill LCTS 90MP turret incorporates a powerful Cockerill 90mm gun with an advanced autoloader. Proven in service and compatible with a wide range of lighter wheeled and tracked vehicles, the Cockerill LCTS 90MP matches outstanding firepower with a fully digital, fully-stabilised, day/night weapon control system to deliver hunter/killer functionality and outstanding effectiveness.

CT-CV 105HP – large calibre weapon system

The powerful Cockerill CT-CV 105HP turret incorporates the Cockerill 105mm high-pressure guns with an advanced autoloader able to fire the long-range Falarick 105 gun-launched anti-tank guided missile (GLATGM).

The Cockerill CT-CV 105HP turret uses NATO 105mm ammunition, special ammunition and the Falarick 105 gun-launched ATGW to deliver highly flexible, precise, organic fire-support to high-mobility forces. Applicable to both tracked and wheeled vehicles, the system offers precise direct and indirect engagement.

Due to its limited recoil, high/low angles of firing (-10° to +42°), this fully stabilised system is particularly well suited to the demands of modern operations in urban and difficult terrains including beyond-line-of-sight engagements.

Back-up devices are foreseen to allow continued use of the turret in case of loss of electrical power supply.

XC-8 105/120HP low-weight concept-turret

The powerful Cockerill XC-8 is a low-weight concept-turret. The concept recognises divergent market requirements, specifically for the broad operational flexibility demanded by the medium-tank requirement, and for the narrower, more specialised anti-armour requirement. Thus one of two low-recoil force guns may be fitted in the XC-8.

The Cockerill 105mm high pressure gun fires all NATO-standard 105mm types and the Falarick 105 Gun Launched Anti Tank Guided Missile (GLATGM). Elevating to +42° this weapon delivers exceptional engagement capability in complex terrain, an indirect-fire HE capability to 10km range, and the GLATGM permits heavy armour to be engaged at extended ranges.

The Cockerill 120mm high pressure gun fires all NATO-standard 120mm smoothbore ammunition and the Falarick 120 GLATGM, which permits the effective engagement and penetration of heavy armour to beyond 5km range. Both guns are employed using a common high performance, digital, fully-stabilised, day/night weapon control system.