Codan Communications High-Frequency and Land Mobile Radio Tactical Communications for Military Environments

Codan Communications is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality communications equipment for high-frequency (HF) and land mobile radio (LMR) applications.

HF transceivers and LMR radio systems for advanced communications

We offer a range of HF transceivers for any combination of base station, vehicular and portable requirements. Combined with our full accessory range, these transceivers offer an extensive range of advanced abilities, such as interoperability, security, GPS tracking, chat, fax, email, data and voice communications.

Codan also provides LMR digital and analog P25 radio systems, which exceed industry standards and are renowned for their ruggedness, transportability and low-power consumption, making them able to survive in the most adverse environments.

Long-range digital communications for tactical deployments

Codan’s long-range digital radio (LRDR) technology is an evolution from standard HF, utilising the HF spectrum to provide superior voice quality and data transmission, providing the user with a communications experience with the clarity and ease of cellular and digital land mobile communications.

Our HF products have been designed and manufactured to endure the most challenging conditions. They are renowned for:

  • Ease of use: Codan products are intuitive to use, easy to train and supply simple solutions to complex communications problems.
  • High reliability: We relentlessly focus on high-reliability solutions, ensuring you can communicate when necessary.
  • Low-power consumption: Codan products are built with low-power consumption resulting in continuous operation and a long-lasting battery life and continuous operation for an extended period. With solar power options available, Codan products ensure the full communications availability.
  • Rugged design and operation: Our products are built for the most adverse conditions, typically withstanding -30°C to 60°C temperatures.

Our range of tactical communications products include:

  • Manpack radios
  • Base stations
  • Vehicular radios
  • Tactical repeaters
  • Encryptors
  • Rapid deployment masts
  • Tactical antennas and whips
  • Power amplifiers
  • Power supplies
  • Data and email applications
  • Transportable systems
  • Interoperability gateways

Sentry-H 6110-MP Manpack for tactical operations

Codan’s Sentry-H 6110-MP delivers a rugged man-portable Software Defined Radio (SDR) solution for military organisations that demand uncompromised, secure voice and data communications while on the move.

Key features of the Sentry-H 6110-MP include:

Compact and lightweight: The 6110-MP sets a new standard for size and weight for HF manpack radios with ruggedness and reliability as a focus. It weighs less than 5kg including battery, with one of the smallest form factors available.

Intelligent performance: Codan 6110-MP’s internal SDR architecture comprises the latest-generation high-performance Digital Signal Processor (DSP), Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), and system on chip (SoC) technology devices. It provides exceptional performance, and future upgradability via IP high power connectivity over Ethernet/Wi-Fi and USB.

High Power: The 6110-MP packs a full 30W RF power output in a high efficiency SDR platform that can deliver up to 55 hours of battery run time. With extremely clean transmit signal and industry-leading receiver performance, the 6110-MP provides exceptional HF communications clarity.

Secure Communication: The 6110-MP ensures your information and team remains safe and secure through use of AES-256 bit encryption applied to data transfers, digital voice and 3G ALE. An option for internal frequency hopping is provided to prevent third-party interference and monitoring and keep your intel safe.

Exceptional Digital and Analogue Voice Clarity: Codan’s Digital Voice technology provides significantly reduced hiss, crackle, pops, and multipath effects typical of HF, enabling voice quality similar to modern cellular phones.

Intuitive Operations: Codan knows that when lives are on the line, operation of the radio must be second nature. The 6110-MP provides an intuitive user interface that can be switched into various languages for fast and instinctive control.

About Codan Communications

Codan was founded in 1959 in Adelaide, South Australia. Our integrated communications solutions draw on our unmatched abilities over professional grade LMR infrastructure and HF radio. This enables Codan to provide flexible and easy configurations that solve problems others can’t.

Codan’s HF radios were first used by the Royal Flying Doctor Service, followed by rapid growth that has resulted in Codan today exporting to more than 100 countries, supporting military forces, border security, terrorism response, civilian protection, disaster recovery, emergency services, peacekeeping and national security operations.

We have built our reputation for reliability and customer satisfaction within more than 50 years of radio communications, in some of the toughest conditions on the planet.

Our global customer satisfaction is achieved through an unyielding focus on innovative design, product quality, which provides the uncompromising reliability necessary for demanding missions.

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Press Release

Codan Launches New Sentry-H 6110-MP Manpack

Codan is excited to announce the launch of its new manpack product, Sentry-H 6110-MP.

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Press Release

24 January 2019

Codan is excited to announce the launch of its new manpack product, Sentry-H 6110-MP.

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23 January 2018

Codan’s Sentry-H is specifically designed to deliver the smallest and lightest form factor with 150W radio frequency (RF) power.

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31 October 2016

Codan Radio Communications has announced the joint interoperability test command (JITC) certification for its 2210 Envoy High-Frequency (HF) Radio supporting Codan's position as a tactical communications leader with secure interoperable standards in support of the Department of Defense (DoD) and their partner networks.

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22 September 2016

Codan Radio Communications expands its Sentry™ product family with the introduction of the Sentry-H™ High Frequency (HF) SDR radio.

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15 April 2009

Codan US, Military and Security Division, today announced that it has been selected by US Army Communication and Electronics Command (CECOM), Fort Monmouth, New Jersey, to provide $5 million of High Frequency (HF) manpack radios, and base stations for use by the Afghan National Police. The radio

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12 March 2009

Codan Limited (ASX-CDA), headquartered in Adelaide, Australia, today announced that it has been recognised by Frost & Sullivan as the Asia Pacific Tactical Military Communication Provider of the Year. Codan was selected for its outstanding performance in the Asia Pacific tactical military com

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8 February 2009

Codan (ASX-CDA), headquartered in Adelaide, Australia, and Codan US, today announced its new RC50-C high-frequency (HF) modem for the Codan 2110M (military) manpack radio. The new 9,600bps modem provides high speed transmission of email, imagery, and other applications over challenging HF network

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26 January 2009

Codan (ASX-CDA), headquartered in Adelaide, Australia, and Codan US, today announced the development of its new central Military and Security Division in Manassas, Va. The Military and Security Division will focus on providing affordable, reliable high-frequency radio communications products and

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