Codan’s Sentry-V 6150 radio provides commanders and operators with a feature rich secure voice and messaging platform that includes using AES‌ in legacy analogue networks whilst maintaining digital features.

Available in handheld, man-portable, base and mobile configurations, Codan’s Sentry-V 6150 military band VHF radio provides a rugged solution for users who require communications with a tactical edge: designed and tested to all the environments faced on the modern day battlefield, offering users the ability to pass critical information across the area of operation in real time. The 6150 increases operational efficiency and awareness over VHF radio networks between forward deployed elements and operational command centers for those in the immediate area and back to command elements.

The Sentry-V 6150 is integrated with either AES-128 or AES-256 encryption in addition to analogue and digital scramblers. Encryption key allocation provides network security levels within the formation and improved protection complimenting the entire network.

For more information on the Sentry-V, please download the product datasheet at the top of this page.