Codan’s SENTRY-M 6170-HH is an advanced, rugged, compact, secure and easy to use handheld multiband military software-defined radio (sdr) designed for use in the harshest environments worldwide.

The Sentry-M 6170’s high-resolution colour display offers an intuitive User Interface (UI), automatic screen brightness and backlit keypad, allowing users to operate the radio to its full potential with minimal training. The customisable UI can also be user configured to show mission critical information such as power output, signal quality, mode of operation and radio ID when receiving signal.

Allocation of special function macros allows the user to toggle a large range of options, including power level (0.1W, 1W, 5W), operational waveform, COMSEC and TRANSEC allocation with the press of a single key.

Smart network select enables the radio network administrator to set pre-predefined COMSEC, TRANSEC and frequency allocation for each of the 1000 programmable channels. With radio hot-swap functionality and emergency zeroise, the operator can ensure network security and continued communication in the event of radio compromise.