Codan’s Sentry-H 6120-BM delivers a rugged and affordable radio solution for military organisations that demand uncompromised, secure long-range voice and data communications.

With 150W radio frequency (RF) power, the 6120-BM has been specifically designed to deliver the smallest and lightest form factor for no-fuss integration into vehicle and base station configurations. In close consultation with military customers, the 6120-BM has been optimised for ease-of-use and features an ergonomic smart handset with a colour, high-resolution multi-language interface and a host of other features.



At Codan we understand how difficult it is for agencies to upgrade or extend their communications networks when budgets are tight. That’s why we developed the 6120-BM (a fully featured radio a fraction of the price of high-end competitors) to keep costs low to put you back in control and give you tomorrow’s technology today.


With an icon-based full-colour user interface, intuitive programming, and localised languages, the 6120-BM is easy to operate and minimises the need for training. At last, Sentry-H is a radio that is simple to operate and that speaks your language.

High Power

When competitor systems try to deliver high-power, they typically add more kit and cabling. With the 6120-BM we deliver 150W power for voice and data, and at the same time we have completely eliminated the need for an external power amplifier making installation lightning fast and without fuss.

Digital Voice

With Codan’s second-generation Digital Voice capability, the 6120-BM delivers clearly intelligible speech no matter the conditions, ensuring you’re always heard, loud and clear.

Software Defined

Sentry’s proven software-defined architecture enables you to download and upgrade new capabilities through software to deliver communications sustainability now and in the future.


Codan has a legendary reputation for building the world’s toughest radios, which are designed and test-driven in Australia – one of the most inhospitable places on the planet.

The 6120-BM meets and exceeds a range of standards including MIL-STD-810G.



The 6120-BM can be easily adapted to fixed station use with simple desktop or rack mount options as well as a universal mounting system for custom mount solutions. The Sentry-H will operate from a wide range of DC input voltages making it suitable for battery/solar powered sites. For AC mains applications the Sentry-H transceiver can be combined with the fully ruggedised / waterproof 3320 Sentry power supply to provide reliable, continuous duty operation, with standby battery backup if needed.

The 6120-BM has a standard power output of 150W, however, for enhanced communications ranges or high-volume data operation this may be increased to 500W or 1,000W using the Codan 3061/2 external rack mount power amplifier.


The small size and fully integrated design of the 6120-BM provides an excellent solution for mobile platforms, particularly where available space is at a premium. The 2230 Smart Handset provides full configuration and control of the radio and enables remote location of the RF Unit for installation flexibility. This convenience is further enhanced by the Handset’s embedded loudspeaker and GPS capabilities, alleviating the need for these as separate accessories in many cases. The wide 10V to 35VDC input voltage handling means that the Sentry-H can be directly connected to the battery supply of a wide range of vehicle types without the need for expensive and bulky voltage convertors.