Southwest Antennas Releases New Ultra-Flex Omni Antenna for L-Band Applications

Southwest Antennas has released a new Ultra-Flex omni-directional dipole antenna for low L-Band applications, featuring a black chrome TNC(f) radio-frequency (RF) connector.

Part # 1001-210 has an operational frequency range from 1.0GHz – 1.5GHz, covering popular lower L-Band frequencies, including military and DoD use, and features 2.15dBi of peak gain.

Southwest Antennas’ Ultra-Flex line of sealed spring antennas are fully waterproof once mated to an RF connector, and the waterproof heat-shrink seal protects the antenna’s spring from rain, dust, dirt, sand, mud, and other debris that could foul the spring and reduce antenna performance. The sealed spring can bend ±90 degrees, allowing the antenna to bend and flex upon impact, helping to reduce potential damage to mated RF connectors.

Full technical specifications and product ordering details are available from our website,

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