Southwest Antennas offers coaxial isolators and circulators for use in RF systems. These devices are used to direct the flow of RF energy through a system in one direction and prevent unwanted damage to sensitive components.

Circulators feature three RF ports, with each port directing input RF energy to the next port in sequence, such as from port 1 to 2, and from 2 to 3, and 3 back to 1. Isolators have two RF ports and direct the flow of RF energy in one direction only and prevent it from reflecting back through previous components in the RF chain.

Southwest Antennas is an industry leader in the design of rugged antennas and radio frequency (RF) accessory products for modern warfighters.

The company focusses on providing solutions across a wide range of radio systems, including dismounted tactical radio, vehicle-based, base stations and unmanned vehicles for defence industry applications.