Southwest Antennas’ thru-hole permanent vehicle antenna mounting kits work for multiple applications including ground vehicles or equipment enclosures. Like popular NMO style vehicle antenna mounts, these kits allow for any Omni-directional antenna with one of 5 connector types to be deployed for mobile applications.

These kits allow for professional-quality antenna mounts to be added to almost any vehicle for operators of tactical radio systems, MIMO / MANET mesh radios, and similar radios or transceivers.

Kits come with 17 feet of integrated LMR-195 low-loss RF cable with pigtail lead, which is suitable for crimping to any compatible RF connector. This product ships with bare pigtail lead to aid in installation through small holes, under liners, and behind vehicle trim and to allow for easy trimming of any excess cable length once installation is complete.

Note: This product can be used as a drop-in replacement for existing NMO antenna mounts sized for 3/4 inch thru-hole installation. For installation into a vehicle without any existing antenna mount, an appropriate location on the vehicle will need to be determined, and a 3/4-inch hole drilled through the vehicle’s roof with appropriate tools.


  • 3/4 inch thru-hole permanent vehicle antenna mounting kit
  • DC to 8.0 GHz frequency coverage
  • 5 Antenna Mounting Connector Types
  • For use with any Omni-directional antenna with 5 different mating RF connector options: Type N(f), TNC(f), SMA(f), RP-TNC(f) & RP-SMA(f)
  • Integrated 17-foot LMR-195 cable with pigtail lead
  • Lead can be crimped to connector supplied or any compatible RF connector of the user’s choice for radio compatibility
  • Matte black finish
  • IP-67 rated when properly installed with O-ring and silicone sealant

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