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WEW Westerwälder Eisenwerk GmbH are specialists in tank containers and swap tanks for the transport and storage of liquids, gases and dry bulk. WEW tank containers have approvals for the transport of more than 1,800 cargoes worldwide.


WEW develops, designs and builds tailored military tank container solutions for different customers. So far, the German Army, the US Army and the Belgian Army are using WEW tank containers for military applications. This also includes the service of our staff in conflict areas for maintenance work (for example in Afghanistan and Kosovo).


18m³ tank containers for potable water were designed, built, tested and approved for the German Army in 1998. For the supply of potable water to soldiers in Afghanistan, the 10m³ WEW Multi water tank container was developed and has proven its capabilities for more than two years in Kabul.

The WEW potable water tank can be equipped with electrical heating, chlorination units, a UV radiation unit and pressure increasing units (double pump) to provide for both the transport and storage of potable water and the independent supply of medical, sanitary and kitchen components in a field camp.


Fuel transport and storage tank containers can be built in single and double-shell designs; optional leakage indicators and environment protection are available.

The 10ft fuel tank container can be combined with other ISO frames containing tools or pumping systems. The advantage is that smaller-sized containers can be used in the field, which can then be combined and used as a 20ft unit for long-distance transport.

All these types of fuel tank containers have demonstrated their operational capability. Proven know-how and patents from the civilian tank container segment have been utilised, alongside our water-tank expertise, to design these new products.


WEW develops and manufactures special tank containers for the transport of hazardous liquids and gases. For more than 30 years, activities have focused on the development, production and worldwide certification of special tank containers for the chemical industry. Solutions for technical gases and liquid food are also part of the portfolio.

The tank containers are built in Weitefeld, situated approximately halfway between Cologne and Frankfurt, Germany. Our special tank containers meet all legal transport requirements. This includes designs according to ISO 1496-3, with prototype tests and impact tests.

Our tank containers are suited for transport according to legal regulations worldwide and can withstand rough transport demands. In addition to the experience gained from the production of civilian tank containers, the German Army and the US Army have tested several types of our military containers with extremely positive results.


The advantage of water and fuel tank containers for military purposes is that more than 80% of transports for military purposes are connected to water and fuel transport. At the moment, we are seeing that the revolution, which took place in the box and tank container industry, is now also applicable for military purposes, especially as the out-of-area operations are increasing.

Military transport has historically concentrated on short-distance transports in the territory the army had to defend. With the growth of rapidly deployable military units, the tank container for water and fuel is a must. Beside the army transportation possibilities, deployable units can also use civilian container ships and civilian road and rail chassis.


The majority of the WEW tank containers for military applications have the ISO 20ft standard container dimensions (length: 6,058mm, width: 2,438mm; height: 2,591mm) and can be transported by ship, truck, rail or plane. They are designed and proven for use in temperatures between -32°C and +80°C.

As an alternative to the 20ft full-height containers, there are 20ft units with reduced height, thus offering the option of lifting them with hook-arm systems and transport by ship, truck, rail or plane is also possible. Other container sizes, like 10ft units, have also been realised.

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