The heavy vehicle module – fuel (HVM-F) is a ‘drop and go’ fuel delivery and dispensing system for forward areas with capacities of up to 14,000L.

Transportable on 6×6, 8×8, 10×10 logistics vehicles and compatible with load handling systems (LHS) / palletised load systems (PLS) / demountable rack offload and pickup system (DROPS) handling systems. ISO twistlocks ensure it is suitable for any military or civilian load-carrier. It is integrated with a pumping system to dispense diesel, petrol or Jet A-1 fuel for vehicle and aircraft refuelling.

The HVM-F forms the basis of the ‘Containertankanlage’ 10m³ fuel-dispensing rack in service with the Austrian armed forces, and the basis of the TCK9 fuel-dispensing rack in service with the German Armed Forces.